Computer Games To Enhance Brain Power

There is the old saying that brain is better than brawn. They say that man has conquered the world with his brain power and not raw muscle power. Indeed, though sports are an important part of life activity, it is our common sense and presence of mind that gets us safely through several situations. We can sharpen the brain only by challenging it constantly. And what better way to challenge the brain than by playing some exciting mind games? These can put your brain working overtime to get out of some problem and give you the thrill of beating everyone else.

Gaming on your PC

When we say games, we include the regular by-the-fireplace favorites like scrabble and pictionary. But now there is more. Computer games are out to tease the player and push his thinking skills high up. How would it be if you could somehow outsmart your computer for once? Remember when we were children, we put our skills to test for a game of scrabble or chess or jigsaw puzzle or a simple maze problem? Why not relive that thrill by gaming on your PC? With a simple internet connection, you can expose your brain to the best of challenges online.

Online gaming does not even cost you in most web sites. You have so many free games online that your search takes seconds on search engines. You get all the benefits of a regular game for free! And yes, many of these are free download games that you can save on to your personal computer to play on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. The computer games could range from the logic related games to the ones where your speed and timing are important. Games could be a car race or a maze related game where the intruder hacks off his enemies on the path to exit. Some other web sites give away goodies or brownie points to the winners of free download games.

Healthy educational games

Now, computer games can generate a lot of excitement. But access to free games online does not mean that you are encouraged to try all violent games. Imagine your kid brother or your child giving you a hi-five after he kills pedestrians while racing to the final post on free games online! There are so many healthy educational games that can open a window of challenges to young brains while staying clean. You wouldn?t want a kid to grow up with the idea that he can do anything to win, would you?

Saving free download games on to your desktop and playing regularly is just a means of sharpening your logical reasoning and improving your presence of mind so that you can deal with real life problems easily later on. For kinds and for adults, healthy games are for all to enjoy. Do not neglect physical fitness and outdoor sports. But yes, do remember that it is fun to get online for a challenging game of chess with the computer! Good computer games are your doorway to education and entertainment.